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Few pictures from our 2010 annual Volunteers Day Celebrations-




Pupils of Madelaine Kelly's dance school presenting dance
titled "Healing Water".

Above: : Marianne Ayling our volunteer and fund raiser on vol day 2010 entertaining the attendees.  



Our volunteers honored for their outstanding contributions as volunteer
of the year and board members of Gwalior Childrens Charity.






Katie, Laura helping shoppers packing their purchases at M & S in Cheshire with Peter and Charlotte to raise funds for Gwalior Childrens Charity - 


On the 24th April we spent the day packing shoppers' purchases at the checkouts of M&S Food in Cheshire Oaks, for a wonderful cause; Gwalior Children's Charity. Along with our brother and sister Peter Mulcahy and Charlotte Everton, both aged 14, we managed to raise a fantastic £349.74! We were amazed at the generosity of the shoppers who were all very interested in the charity. Thank you to the staff at M&S Food who made our fundraising possible!


Katie Everton and Laura Mulcahy

Thanks a lot Katie and Laura, Peter and Charlotte.

Katie and Laura are volunteering too at Gwalior in August this year to be with our children there, BK












I will like to thank Maia Ayling with friends and family for organizing the Musical Concert on 9th May 09 It proved to be a great night with lot of people there and a great variety of music and performances as well having been organized so well. We are obliged of all the supporters raising 200 Pounds which will go a long way  to provide for the poor, disabled and destitute children there in Snehalaya. 

Our supporters may remember Marianne, mother of Maria, one of our supporters since 2000, when she organised the concert for Jyoti Pande. Marianne and Lenny were the first to gift all their wedding presents to GCHC in year 2003 and have supported this cause all along since. Now Maia, their 17 year old daughter makes us so happy being first of second generation of supporters helping in this endeavour and gives us hope for future of GCHC with young supporters of second generation joining in. Maia will be joining us in Snehalaya at Gwalior as volunteer in Oct. this year and probably give many hours of happiness and entertainment for our children there with her music. Thanks again to maia and all the supporters, BK








Thomas and Ben participate in White Horse Half Marathon and raise whooping 3800 Pounds for Children of Gwalior.   

Hear what they had to say- 'Early start on the morning of Sun 5th April for the journey from London to the Oxfordshire countryside for the annual White Horse Half-marathon.

Starting gun fires at 10am and Ben makes a sudden and unexpected surge for the front, with Tom maintaining a solid position in the middle of the pack.

Ben, sponsored by 118 118, maintains his quick early pace and pulls away with the leading pack leaving Tom, suffering from the after effects of a chest infection, struggling for air further back. Tom, despite his condition and the indignity of being passed by virtually the whole field, keeps his head down and aims to complete the race, whatever the time. In contrast Ben goes form strength to strength and even has time to converse with a fellow female runner on the home straight although leaving her behind in the race for the line. Tom comes in 20 minutes later, shattered but relieved that the most painful running experience of his life is now over. Ben ran 1hr and 25 minutes, Tom ran 1hr and 45 minutes.

Overall Ben Wicks and Thomas Crews raised £3800 + for GCH....a brilliant and commendable achievement!!


Indeed so, congratulations, BK for GCHC



An important notice and information for medical students and other prospective volunteers with interests in health care services


I will like to inform you for recent changes in hospital activities at Gwalior as follows, if it makes a difference for your decision to do volunteering and elective with us at Gwalior-


"Since 1st Dec.07, we have added the help line and ICTC with video conference facilities available all 24 hours a day using skype programme, whereby experts can provide their services on line from their own place by prior appointment in their respective discipline. These services are to provide counselling, advise and consultations for treatment etc. related to any medical or health related problems or questions, however same facilities can be utilised for advice, training or any other uses for our staff and students too. Since 2004, following admission of Radha with HIV in our hospital and then beginning of the hospice on site, because of various myths and rumours, the number of patients attending this hospital came down to almost zero, which though improved gradually but never recovered to justify expenses incurred for maintaining the hospital services. Hence after trying for nearly three years, regretfully, the hospital facilities and operation theatre have been closed since 31st Dec. 07. Out patient services including specialists clinics, eye centre and facilities for basic investigations have been shifted to the Rural hospital within the Snehalaya campus. The Dental centre, helpline and ICTC continue at the GCGH site. 14 rural health clinics along with primary care rural hospital services with these added facilities continue now from the Snehalaya. The hospice for children with HIV has been merged into Snehalaya. There are about 25 children in Snehalaya, who need constant medical and nursing care and supervision like any Childrens ward in a hospital. In addition our work in the Urban slums, schools and Orphanages supported by GCHC continues as before. We continue to provide all medical and health care services to the rural population and those living in the slums of Gwalior including integrated development in these areas as much needed within our limited capability and resources. All these facilities provide sufficient opportunities to work with us in all disciplines or for work experience/internship as desired. We are keeping our options open whether to restart the old hospital after overdue renovation work after a year or so or close it altogether for good. We shall keep updated as it comes.


As our indoor hospitalisation services are closed, we shall organise for your visits to other private and Govt. hospitals from time to time giving you exposure to hospital medicine as practiced in India. Other than that all community medicine work continues as before including services through out patient department, help line and ICTC, investigations, laboratory and x ray, Rural clinics, work in Schools and Orphanages as well children and residents of our own Snehalaya.


For volunteering with us, please fill in the volunteer’s application and declaration forms as available on FAQ page on this site and send it with your contributions or you can pay on line and send us the email receipt with these forms duly filled in, earlier the better. We follow first cum first serve policy and places are limited. We can not confirm for your placement till we have received these forms with your contributions and or deposit.


In view of above, if you feel you may not like to come to Gwalior for doing your elective or for volunteering with us, please let us know, however I request you to think twice with a cool mind, if you decide against coming to work and help us.


Dr.B.K.Sharma, Founder and Coordinator






Thomas participates in Marathon for Gwalior Childrens Hospital Charity



On 2nd nov 2008 I undertook my first half marathon in Stevenage with the dual intention of testing my levels of endurance and raising money for theGwalior Children's Hospital.

I had been running regularly for a few months and had completed two 10k runs, however, this was my first attempt at a real long distance challenge. On the day i was with my friend Owen, and we

set off together, but i soon lost him and went on to post an excellent time of 1hr and 39minutes. The run was very hard as there were a number of rising slopes that were very tough on the legs and sapped the will to

continue. Continue i did however, and managed to push myself to complete the race in a better than expected time. My legs felt numb for two days and i swore that i would never run the distance again, but now the pain has subsided and I feel a great sense of achievement for completing the race

and raising much needed funds for the Children of Gwalior. I'm now hooked and sure I'll be competing again in the future!!(in picture above...I am the competitor in the long shorts and red and white striped t-shirt,)

--Thomas Crews



Alina serafin and little sister go busking to raise funds for children of Gwalior

Alina, a medical student from London, ran the Bristol Half Marathon on the 14th September and ran it in 2hours 4mins. great! Here is what she says- It was a great day and I really enjoyed running with so many thousands of other people all raising money for charity.


I have also gone busking with my little sister, Lara, in our local town of Stroud in Gloucestershire.


We managed to get a spot outside the music shop, and close to the market. We raised £50 in the hour that we played!! People definitely stopped and listened more when they knew that the donations were going to charity.


I continue, wish me luck that I can raise maximum to help these children of gwalior. I am looking forward for my going to Gwaliot in Nov. onwards for almost six months, see you there!














31st March 08 at 1630Hrs. (Cet année la marche aura lieu le LUNDI 31 MARS 2008 à 16h30.)Marche de la Solidarité 2008--- by Auriane and Stanislas with French volunteers and students for "Association hopital pour enfants de Gwalior". Trans Pyrenean Cycle Ride Libaros - Ainsa


We are very happy to announce you the amount of money we've collected, thanks to the "Marche de la Solidarité" (Solidarity Walk) which took place in Vannes on the 31st March. 327 students have selected our project (furniture for the Snehalaya cottages), they found a total of 1132 sponsors and walked a total of 2784 km (1730 miles) !!!





The Solidarity Walk has collected a total amount of 5886 euros (= 4660 british pounds) !!! We're really very happy and very proud of this result as we did not expect to harvest so much money for the Association...

I've received the cheque from the Solidarity Walk a few days ago, Stanislas.




Peter Morey-Weale (& Manuela) did the 125 kilometers cycle ride from their home in France through the tunnel to Ainsa in Spain, a distance of 125 kilometers (according to Sat Nav) and my altimeter recorded a total cycled height of 2091 meters (6860ft) in 6 hours 20 minutes with an average speed of 18kph and a maximum speed of 67 kph - He said for his experience "believe me, going downhill through a busy tunnel with lorries in hot pursuit, this was quite a sensation!"


The tunnel is 3 kilometers long and until a few months ago was unlit


Having done the famous Tour de France "Col de Tourmalet" bit (over 2000 meters high) some 4 years ago for his 50th birthday; he commented "I found this harder though the weather was perfect for cycling and the cause is inspiring to do it.


    • From Niva Mishra for The Children of Snehalaya/An Appeal


Do not look with pity, Come forward and do your duty

Wake up, its not too late, Lift yourself from your lethargic state

Support us and lend a helping hand, We, the neglected want your care

Not your sympathy not your pity But your contribution towards us

The needy and underprivileged ones, Your every minute every thought

Will bring a smile and make us tread ahead and fight

And give us strength and hope, Each hand will make a difference

And make Snehalaya,a home of love into a paradise









Caroline Regan raises £370 for her Grand Mother's 80th birth day on 7/12/07



Caroline Regan’s grand mother raised £370 for GCHC in lieu of gifts for her 80th birth day on 7th Dec.07.

We are obliged for such a thought and wish Granny the best wishes for her birth day and hope many more similar birth days she will celebrate.




Thoughts of Alan whybrew- When I was in Snehalaya in this May, I saw a boy about 12 years age sitting by himself on grass. It is unusual to see these kids alone in Snehalaya, so I asked about him. I was told that his parents had brought him to Snehalaya recently for treatment but did not return to take him back. He was bit lonely probably for those reasons at the time but within few days he was happily playing with other children in Snehalaya, probably forgot all about his parents or his sad story. This is a sad little story and probably every kid in Snehalaya has a story just as sad. I think if we could publish on our web site a picture of each kid we want sponsoring along with their story, it would have some emotive appeal for potential sponsors- Alan Whybrew.

Comments of Leonie Duchars, A- level student following her volunteering with GCHC in 2006, now in University

I remember my time with the charity in 2006. I enjoyed working with the charity but not the travelling around afterwards. I feel charity gives a far better insight into Indian life than all the temples booked and palaces could ever do. I am busy with University applications etc. at present but wish to involve more with The Gwalior Childrens Hospital Children's Charity more and soon again- Leonie Duchars from Isle of Man.



We are registered as association in France now and information about our work is available in French too

Bruel Alexandra and Tessoulin Benoit, two medical students from France took an initiative and got recognised in France. Please visit the web site as available in French language which is up and running now http://www.enfantsdegwalior.eur.st




Three Generations Take a Journey to "SNEHALAYA-the Home with Love

Sixteen year-old Seniz Ibrahim had always wanted to travel and help people, then the opportunity arose for her to go and volunteer. She got GCHC's details through WVV’s database to find a placement in India in the healthcare sector and Seniz hopes that this will help her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.


After raising the funds needed to travel, including a small bursary courtesy of The Rayne Foundation, Seniz, her Mum and Grandad – three generations – were all booked and ready to go.



Their journey took them to Gwalior, India, where The Gwalior Children's Charity provides for the poor, disabled, destitute and under privileged.


Eighteen months ago Mercy Home was a government-run home for children and adults. The conditions were appalling, squalid and harrowing. Then Dr Sharma and his wife Meena had a vision and in August 2006 Snehalaya Orphanage/Gwalior Hospital opened. The children can now live with love and dignity and start to become independent.


Seniz met many other volunteers in Gwalior, including Gill, a retired nurse - together they made a dream team! Seniz, her Mum and Grandad, helped to bathe, dress and feed the children, who at times could be a bit of a handful. They helped in the school too and spent time with the nuns at a Mother Teresa home, where they cared for disabled or destitute women.


The children all had a story to tell and most just needed a little TLC. Aman a lovely but cheeky 7 year-old Down's syndrome boy, would steal from your pockets but always gave back. Seniz fell in love with her “Three Musketeers” - Bonny, Preanca and Anno were 8 year-old girls who “followed me everywhere and constantly wanted me to play with them on the slide.” Meenu, now 16 years old had been constantly abused and beaten. She now carries all her possessions in a bag and is always smiling.


Seniz experienced many emotions and says “I would never in my lifetime have thought that such pain, grief and suffering could still be in existence in the 21st century.

--Seniz Ibrahim, A level student.






Half Marathon swim at Aspire swimming pool by Daniel P. Green

I would not describe myself as a fit person but on the 7th September I undertook the challenge of completing a 13 mile, half marathon swim at the Aspire Swimming Pool for the Gwalior Children’s Hospital Charity. I had never undertaken suchThree Generations Take a massive physical endeavour before and trained for many months in the pool and gym Journey to achieve the fitness "SNEHALAYA-the Home with Love

Sixteen year-old Seniz Ibrahim had always wanted to accomplish travel and help people, then the goal of 13 miles. The swim took me over 8 hours opportunity arose for her to complete go and left me with very ache shoulders but volunteer. During the sponsored swim my wheel power was truly tested as I completed each length with only my thoughts for company placement in India in the water. I must thank my friends and family who sponsored me during the swim counting each length and refilling my water bottle. This event raised a large amount of money and I hope that this will make a difference to people less fortunate than us.

I hope to continue supporting the Gwalior Children’s Hospital in the future by raising funds, arranging the donation medical equipment and with my time as volunteer. I am very much looking forward to volunteering as a physiotherapist at the hospital starting in November 2007 for four months and hope I can make some difference for raising the children there. funds needed to this.



East meets West by Indian Society of Imperial College, London

On 18th Feb. from 6 PM onwards till late, it happened to be an unique and succesful cultural show with 126 items including various dances, music, plays, jokes and more of entertainment in real sense "East meets West" with all cultures going together on the stage.

The hall was full with more than 1300 people in audience and we are sure of successful fund raising too. We are obliged of imperial college's Indian Society for sponsoring the work of Gwalior Childrens Charity by raising funds by organising such a multicultural show, which is organised every year. It takes hard work, efforts dignity and umpteen hours in preparations by so many. Thanks to all the members, participants and every one working behind the scene to make it succesful.


*‘Bridge to India’ fundraising art exhibition 2006 by Fiona Inglis**

While on the train to Gwalior last July myself, Cammy, Bonny bathe, dress and Russell amused ourselves with feed the children, who at times could be a game bit of ‘exquisite corpses’, where each person in secret draws a section and puts it together to make an exquisite corpse. Surprisingly impressed spent time with our efforts we joked we should do an exhibition when we returned home, and this I believe is where the idea started.

While at the guest house we met Alice, Minta, Anna and Charlottle who all showed an interest in doing some fundraising with art and before we knew it we had a team! With artists a ready, a bit of work, and bit of planning our Bridge to India was under construction.

Our venue was to be the Melville Bridge Club in Edinburgh, a lovely big old Edinburgh town house, with big windows and big walls, perfect for an art exhibition, (with a bar as an added bonus!). A two day event was planned. Saturday 16th December was to be the opening night of the exhibition, followed by a Sunday recovery Service on the 17th. Posters printed and invitations posted the date was upon us.

As the Melville is a working Bridge club all had to be discreet and swift in our setting up. But with a few twists and tweaks we managed the transformation. We used the entrance hallway to display information about the charity so it was the first thing people came across, the lounge was full of gems, hand made scarves and Indian bazaar for sale, we added some atmosphere and a dj to the bar, while upstairs we emptied the huge room of card tables and displayed our art. The art mostly consisted of paintings by Kev, Charlottle and myself, photography from Bonny, and some of my own ceramic sculptures. We got a good mix of work; conventional, modern, India inspired and plain old fun. With not much time to set up, everyone pulled together to get everything ready just right before people started to arrive.

And they did arrive. Not only that but they bought the gems, the scarves, the bazaar, drinks, and even the art. People came and went throughout the night, including the Consulate of India, keeping needed a constant buzz. Everyone had a really good night and prepared for the next day!

On the Sunday we had the same set up lovely but added afternoon tea and cake, face painting, Indian head massage, the bar became a games room, and the dj became a band, with various other musicians during the day. It was a really lovely day, people coming to see the art, buy some bits and pieces for Christmas, play some games, listen to music, relax and meet lots of other really nice people. It was a beautiful contrast to the buzz of the night before.

With faces painted, bellies full of cake and pennies counted it was time to take what was left down. And once again with amazing team effort the building was transformed back into the Bridge club as if we were never there!

This was our first fundraising event. Just being with so many people working together with such effort and care all aiming to do what we can to make a difference to the lives of people


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