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Page history last edited by Dr.B.K.Sharma 6 years, 3 months ago

VolReports This is the page for the latest news about new developments in the field, volunteer activities and "words of wisdom" from BK himself.


Please do not put contributions on this page. Use the Events page, the Reports page and even the Opinion page--whatever seems appropriate! 


Annual Foundation day celebrations in SNEHALAYA - 

Annual Function for 12th Foundation day celebrations held on 22nd and 23rd Aug. New Souvenir 2017 with annual report, many photographs and updates is available now, here is the link : http://gchvols.pbworks.com/w/file/fetch/119818449/Souvenir-2017%20pdf%20small.pdf For photographs and more details and updates, please like us on facebook : http://facebook.com/helpchildrenofindia and https://www.facebook.com/bal.k.sharma.5 


Annual Gala 2016 held on 9th July in London has been a huge success on all fronts, hanks o Keval and friends... - 

Dear friends and supporters of Our Snehalaya- the home with love,

I am delighted to say that Annual gala 2016 on 9th July has been a huge success. Good tasty home cooked food, informative presentation by Keval, bar by Deven, Entertainment with lovely presentations by Shweta, Disha, Ethan, Kien, Nathan, Vivien and Aaryan, stalls, raffle draw etc., we could not ask for more, thanks to Keval, volunteers, all supporters and attendees including friends and family. 14 volunteers (Gillian Ely, Bhavna Derodra, Jolien Van Haaster for Laughter group, Geetha Reddy, Marium Latif, Neil Makwana, Rohun & Aaryan and group consisting of Keval, Amit, Andreas and Raul De Venses for victory over Ben Nevis and fund raising) were awarded honours in different categories as outstanding volunteers of the year as well charity's trophy which alternate as collection box too. For photographs please visit my face book page : https://www.facebook.com/bal.k.sharma.5/posts/10157081051225623?pnref=story

Please frequent updates like us on http://facebook.com/helpchildrenofindia Please share with your friends and family members and help us by spreading the word.

Once again I thank all and remember we need all the help with donations in cash or kind to help us provide better care and facilities to our children, we need volunteers from all walks of life to work with us on floor in Gwalior or from their own place as well please spread the word. Any questions or further information, just write to me at snehalaya.gwalior@gmail.com or gwalior.hospital@care4free.net

With regards and best wishes,


Dr.BK Sharma for Snehalaya and its Children


Please join us for Annual Gala being held on 9th July from 3PM onwards in honour of our Outstanding Volunteers of the Year - 

Dear friends and supporters of Children in Snehalaya at Gwalior,
We wish you Happy Independence day and best wishes for future with peace in the World, US playing a major role for freedom for all. 


I am happy to inform you that as every year we are hosting our annual gala in London on 9th of July between 3pm and 8pm to honour outstanding volunteers who have, over the last 12 months done exceptional work helping us in taking these works further. There will be some thing for every one including food, drinks, music, entertainment etc. as well an opportunity to meet many of our colleagues, volunteers and supporters. We cordially invite you with your friends and family to join us. There are no charges, just let us know the numbers attending to makeappropriate arrangements.

Details of the event are available on https://www.facebook.com/events/301618456842906/

Please let us know if you are attending with numbers. We hope to see you there. For any reasons, if you are not able to make it, please consider making donations helping us to provide for poor, disabled and destitute children in India and carry these works further, for ready reference here is the link to make donations in Sterling Pounds by UK tax payers with tax benefits:https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/gwaliorchildrenscharityhelpchildrenofindia

For this occasion of Independence day, we request for your extended support too. Please consider contributing for our children in Snehalaya helping to make them independent as much possible. Here is the secure link for donations in USD with available tax benefits, choose "Snehalaya" among designated purpose of donation in the drop down menu while making your donation on line. You can make regular or one time donation as you like. Please send me an e mail confirming your donation and amount, Here is the link :https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/IDRF?

Those in India with tax benefits under 80G, please contact me for account details for making donations on line or otherwise.

Please do help us as much you can and do recommend to every one on your contact list/ address book as well through face book, twitter and other net works. Please do not hesitate to write to me for any questions or further information. Many thanks, with regards and best wishes,
Dr Bk Sharma,
For all Trustees and members of advisory board,
For Gwalior Childrens Charity and Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust Incl. Snehalaya - Help Children of India




Hope you are are keeping well. This year again on 17th Jan.2016, 17 of us Shivani, Samina, Priya, Bony, Vishal, Anand, Binita, Subodh, John, Santosh, Swami Krishnanand, Swami Hrishikesh Vashistha, Bhawna, Rakesh as well myself and two of my enthusiastic grand sons (Aaryan is just 8 years old and Rohun is only 5) are participating in Mumbai Marathon to raise funds to provide for disabled orphan children in our "Snehalaya - The Home with Love" and to educate drop out girls from villages there in India, summary on: http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo248_gwaliorhospital.htm

We request for your support as much possible as in past and always helping us to carry on these works and take these further. We depend upon you, thanks a lot.

From overseas donors with available tax benefits as well an opportunity to double these (all donations made before 31st Dec. will be matched by 100% as part of ongoing Christmas Challenge), please donate on this link :  https://mydonate.bt.com/events/mumbaimarathon2016 

In Indian Rupees with tax benefits under 80G, here is the link : http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/fundraiser-3737

If you like to encourage Aaryan and Rohun specifically for their such efforts and thoughts for our children, that too at such an young age (they visit these children every year and play/interact and help them), donate here : http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/scmm-fundraiser-5180

Please be generous and donate as much you can. Every little help is much appreciated. For any reasons, if you do not want to pay on line, you can still pay by cheque made to "Gwalior Childrens Charity" and send it to our address as given below or you can pay direct in Charity's bank account also (just ask me for details). Please spread the word and extend your help by recommending to all your colleagues, friends, associates and family members to donate and or volunteer with us.

Also please join and cheer us in person or through Television, Star Sports Channel shall be doing live telecast throughout the day on 17th Jan. Any questions or need further information, just write to me. Thanks again, with regards and best wishes,


For Our Snehalaya - The home with Love" and its Children there in India,




Annual function on 22nd and 23rd Aug. held successfully in "Snehalaya - The Home with Love" at Gwalior, India -  

We celebrated 10th foundation day on 23rd Aug. 2015 in our Snehalaya. Souvenir2015 released on the day (available to download and read in our SouvenirShop page on line now on this site itself or write to me for getting a hard copy for free) at the hands of Mrs. Maya Singh, the Minister of Women and Children Welfare, Govt of Madhya pradesh along with all trustees and members of advisory board in presence of our staff, children, many dignitories from Gwalior as well nearly 500 from local community as well Miss Jessica Levine from GlobalGiving UK & USA. Charity evening with presentation by Gharana Fusion Band was outstanding feature for this year in presence of Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister for Steels and Mines, Govt of India, Mr. Vivek Shejwelkar, Mayor of Gwalior and many other dignitories with nearly 1500 in audience. For photographs and more details on http://wwwfacebook.com/helpchildrenofindia and also on http://www.facebook.com/bal.k.sharma.5 


Please reserve 11th July 2015 for us, Join us for the Annual Gala in honour of outstanding volunteers of the year - 


We are happy to inform you that our Annual Gala for 2015 will be held on 11th July in London (U.K.) from 1PM onwards being organised by Keval in honour of our outstanding volunteers. During the evening some volunteers will be honoured for their outstanding contribution to the charity during the year. There will be food, drinks, music and lot of entertainment to suit taste and liking of every one and more importantly an opportunity to meet each other including many volunteers who have visited our Snehalaya in Gwalior having worked there for our children there. Details on https://www.facebook.com/events/1614831802093458/ Please join us with all family and friends, more the merrier. 

There is no entry fee but let us know the numbers and confirm that you are attending, to help us make arrangements appropriately by e mail. However you are more than welcome to contribute helping us take these works further to provide for poor, disabled, destitute and sick as well to educate children from villages esp. girls in India, details of ongoing work are available on www.helpchildrenofindia.org For updates and keeping in touch please like us on face book at www.facebook.com/helpchildrenofindia.org and new reports with photographs every three months on http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/school-to-educate-girls-from-villages-in-india/  and also on http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/snehalaya-meaning-the-home-with-love-in-hindi/

Glimpses of Snehalaya's children and needs can be seen in this video film (there are many other videofilms to see on youtube as well face book) as prepared recently by Dan Davis, BBC photographer, http://youtu.be/TMg2ldANXUo 

Please do not hesitate to write to me for any questions or further details. Thanks for your support and looking forward to see you there. Please confirm with numbers, waiting to hear from you soon. With regards and best wishes,




We celebrated 9th Foundation day on 23rd Aug.2014 with annual sports and cultural competitions on 22nd Aug. - 

9th foundation day was celebrated in Snehalaya on 22nd and 23rd Aug attended by nearly 500 children and local dignitories. Foundation stone for a Multi-purpose Hall was laid there, much needed as a dining hall and kitchen for daily needs with indoor sports and cultural activities as and when required. More details and photographs on facebook. Souvenir for 2014 with annual report, updates, many photographs and activities has been released too. Hard copy can be ordered through Souvenir shop and digital copy can be download from this link here  SOUVENIR2014    


Our last message for year 2013 with thanks for your support and best wishes for The New Year 2014 -

Dear friends, volunteers, supporters of Snehalaya and the children there, 
 Thanks for all your support  throughout the year, we could not do without you being with us. I am sure that you will
spread the warmth of the Christmas season to all those around you and make this world a beautiful place to live in.
Let this New Year be filled with happiness, joy and prosperity for you and all your loved ones. Merry christmas and Happy New Year. Wish you have a great year ahead.



A polite reminder too - Here is a link for helping us in more ways without any costs for you. Use it as search engine, sell any unwanted items on e bay, shop any thing on line as you want from well known stores etc. and all can help to  provide for these children by fund raising for us http://www.everyclick.com/gwaliorchildrenshospital  and Lastly here is fund raising opportunity for no costs to yourself as well you can shop on line from big names with discounts and raise funds to help us too. Now itself (just select "Gwalior" when prompted for cause) you can raise a 50p donation simply by installing the Find & Remind toolbar


For now last in this year, please consider sponsoring our run in Mumbai Marathon with fifteen more volunteers and donate as much possible, here are details with secure link for donations on line: http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/ngo248_gwaliorhospital.htm  or http://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/2483-drbksharma.htm 

Please write to me for any questions or further information any time. With regards and best wishes for the New Year to all friends and family,


For Gwalior Childrens' Charity and Children of Snehalaya, all staff and management committee members.


Janmashtami in Snehalaya with The Collector of Gwalior with whole family-

Janmashtami was celebrated in Snehalaya by its disabled and destitute children and those of our main stream school in presence of Shri P. Narahari, collector Gwalior accompanied by Mrs. Narahari, mother and children as well Shri Arjaria ji, Prof. Bhartendu Shukla, Dr.B.S.Sharma "Chaitanya", Shri Raghav Garg and many other dignitories of Gwalior, staff. Children played the skit starting with Krishna janm, transyamuna yatra, makhan chor, ras lila as well many bhajan and songs with dances. The programme ended with Radha-Krishna lila with sakhas and sakhis and phoolon ki Holi followed by prasad vitaran.
Like us on facebook and see many photographs https://www.facebook.com/bal.k.sharma.5


Annual Foundation day celebrations in Snehalaya-

Annual function was celebrated with sports and cultural competitions on 22nd Aug and annual day on 23rd Aug. in Snehalaya held in presence of Prof. Bhartendu Shukla as Chief Guest, Shri Arjaria and Prof. P.S. Bisen as Guests of Honour and many honourable citizens of Gwalior. Unfortunately Mayor and Collector could not attend, gave their blessings and best wishes to our children on phone, as they were called for an emergency meeting in Bhopal. Many photographs on face book - please like us on http://facebook.com/helpchildrenofindia
Enclosed are few photographs. We request for you visiting Snehalaya and encourage our children as often as possible and never hesitate to contact me or write to me on snehalaya.gwalior@gmail.com
Thanks, with regards,
For GHECT and Snehalaya - Help Children of India http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org
We have done it, the 10 Km Charity Challenge-
Yesterday on 6th July, we (myself with grand sons Aaryan & Rahul, Juhi, Michael, Linda and George for Gwalior Childrens Charity) participated in 10Km Charity Challenge with nearly 200 from 47 charities and completed it successfully as organised by FSI. Few photographs 
  If you have not yet paid as pledged or may like to help and sponsor us, you can pay now on https://mydonate.bt.com/events/charitychallenge2013/97059 
Thanks, with regards,


We are participating in 10Km Charity Challenge on 6th July in Peak district, Please join and run with us and or fund raise or sponsor us on https://mydonate.bt.com/events/charitychallenge2013/97059
You are cordially invited with your friends and family to join us for our annual gala on 13th July in London (U.K.) as well for Annual function in Snehalaya at Gwalior in India from 21st to 23rd Aug. Please send your messages, articles, poems etc. for the Souvenir 2013 being released on foundation day on 23rd Aug.2013. Please see the event page for more details.
Details are available on http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org You can also download our Souvenir with annual report for 2012 with updates and many photographs from here: SOUVENIR2012  You can find the information for support and sponsors on page nos. 20 and 21. Summary details for children/residents in Snehalaya are available on page 2,3 &4, progress and plans for future on pages 16 & 17, spl. need school on pages 32 & 33, main stream school on pages 22 & 23, rural work on page 34, visitors comments with accolade for Snehalaya on pages 38, 39 and also from 5 to 15 with organisation's details.  
We welcome volunteers from all walks of life including students and trainees helping us in this endeavour from their own place or to work with us on floor in Snehalaya at Gwalior, India. Please write to me at gwalior.hospital@care4free.net for any questions or further information. Please help us by donations, by fund raising and by spreading the word to every one whomsoever you meet or know. We depend upon volunteers only for mouth to mouth publicity. Please spread the word helping us take these works further."
Thanks again, with regards.




We are participating in Mumbai Marathon on 20th Jan.2013- 


We are participating in Mumbai Marathon first time this year. I shall be running there too in senior citizens category. We have five places reserved. Please contact me on gwalior.hospital@care4free.net if you will llike to run and help us with fund raising and publicity or just donate on line, here are ddetails with secure donation link


Annual Function in Snehalaya from 21st to 23rd Aug.2012 and release of Souvenir for 2012-
Every year in August, we hold annual function with 3 day celebrations of sport, culture and arts within Snehalaya's grounds to enhance the lives of our resident orphan children and students living and studying at Snehalaya Home and School. This year, the successful event was held between 21 and 23 August. Nearly 350 disabled children from various institutions including our residents and students at Snehalaya took part in annual Sports and cultural competitions held on 21st and 22nd Aug. watched and encouraged by local and UK based dignitaries. Nearly seven hundread children, teachers, parents, volunteers and guests attended the annual day celebrations on 23rd Aug., highlights included pushpanjali at Samadhi of Dr. Meena Sharma, Saraswati Pooja, Vandemataram with yoga, songs and dance performances, prize giving to winners and lunch for all. Here are few photographs August 2012 Annual Function in Snehalaya
60 page Souvenir for 2012 was released on the day with all the updates and activities, studded with all photographs and details of all the children available through SouvenirShop page on this site (you can download or view it for free as per your choice) or send me an e mail for hard copy Gwalior.Hospital@care4free.net 
Our Annual Gala held on 7th July in London has been a big Success -
Thanks to Keval and his team with volunteers, the Annual Gala held on 7th july was a great success raising more than 3000 pounds for the children of Snehalaya. Dolly Bustin, Aaryan Patel, Aaryan Manarkattu, Devonshire House Preparatory School, Keval Bharadia, John Quinton, Meeta Hitchings, Gemma Dale, Steve Clark, Rebecca Leech achieved the honour as outstanding volunteers for the year in respective categories, details and phographs available on facebook/helpchildrenofindia


Annual Function in Snehalaya from 21st to 23rd Aug.2012-

                  We have pleasure in inviting you with your friends and family to join us for the annual function of Snehalaya-The Home with Love in Gwalior from 21st to 23rd Aug. at Snehalaya, on Jhansi Road (16 KM mile stone) , village Sikroda, Distt. Gwalior 475 001, M.P. India. If possible, please join us for all three days, otherwise please make it as per your convenience on any day esp. on 23rd. Several VIPs and dignitaries are expected to join for the occasion including many of our supporters and volunteers from overseas. We hope you will make all efforts to share this moment with us. There will be annual sports competition on 21st, annual cultural events on 22nd and prize distribution to winners & release of Souvenir for year 2012 on 23rd Aug. followed by cultural programme by children and volunteers there.

As you know we publish a Souvenir every year and it is being published this year also. It will be released on 23rd Aug. 2012. Please send your articles or  messages with your photographs, at the earliest preferably by e mail (it should reach us latest by 31st July 2012) for inclusion in this Souvenir. Advertisements are welcome too (ask me for details), all money goes to provide for the children in Snehalaya. The souvenir is circulated to nearly 30000 people all over the World as well remains available on internet all the time.

For any reasons, if you are not able to come now, you are most welcome to visit our Snehalaya any time at your convenience as well can contribute helping us in taking these works forward. All donations are tax exempted in UK, USA, India and other countries as per rules in the country of residence of the donor. Please visit www.helpchildrenofindia.org and donate on line or send the cheque made to "Gwalior Children’s Charity" to our address in UK. Tax payers in UK can gift aid it increasing by 25%  and higher rate tax payers can reclaim refund of 25% in their tax returns. To donate Click-here

US tax payers can donate with tax benefits through GlobalGiving, to donate in US$ Click-here.

Tax payers in India for tax exemption under section 80G of IT act should pay to "Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust" sending the cheque to our address in India or please ask us if you wish to pay on line in Rupees.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life including students and trainees to help us for these works either from their own place or on the floor there in Gwalior, India. Please consider helping us carry these works further esp. for the maintenance of the school and education of the girls there and or to provide for the children in Snehalaya or for local community in slums and villages there as per your preferences. We use 100% of funds received only for the work as per wishes of the donor/sponsor and keep every one informed/updated with the ongoing work and its progress frequently. Please convey our message to every one you know who may like to help us in any way or volunteer their time, skills and energy as per their interest and expertisePlease do not hesitate in asking for any questions or further information. Please confirm, thanks again, with regards and best wishes,



Founder and Chairman, for all Trustees and members of advisory board,

Gwalior Childrens Charity, Dr. Meena Sharma Memorial Foundation in UK.

Gwalior Hospital and Education Charitable Trust including Snehalaya in India.  


Dr. B.K. Sharma,

at Akanksha, Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus,

Opposite Jhansi Road Police Station,

Gwalior- 474 009 (India)

Tel. +91(0)751 2435537 Mob. 0091 9425113822

Email: Gwalior.Hospital@care4free.net or snehalaya.gwalior@gmail.com 



As you know Snehalaya meaning the Home with Love in Hindi, a project of  Gwalior Childrens Charity of UK (formerly known as Gwalior Childrens Hospital Charity having started as a Childrens Hospital in 1998 but has grown into Snehalaya since with much more than only Childrens Hospital, hence the change of name too) in association with Gwalior Hospital and education Charitable Trust of India, is an Unique place for community living in India, generally considered as an Orphanage (we prefer to call it a care home rather) for disabled and destitute children, homeless women and the aged with a school (Special need as well main stream school) and health centre on site. It has all facilities for education and health care for children living there happily in a pollution free environment as a family as well that for Naturo-therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Physiotherapy, multi-sensory room, Hydrotherapy spread out in area of 25 Acres of land with its own Gardens, Orchards, farms, play and Sports fields and much more. There is a cow shed (Gaushala) too with a herd of 16 animals as well a bird house. There are 64 children there at present and we aim to accommodate 200 children when completed.  Our main stream school started in July 2011 with 77 children, mostly girls from surrounding villages. The girls are provided every thing for free as well an incentive of Rs.10 per day for attending the school. We are hoping that the number of children will increase to nearly 200 by July this year.

We work for intigrated development in surrounding villages and slums there including hygiene, sanitation, vaccination, safe drinking water, nutrition, maternal & child care, health education, awareness and treatment on their door steps as well advise for income generation. For non availability of electricity in villages, we distribute solar lights to school going children in villages to facilitate their education which also benefit their families by helping to decrease pollution, accidents and hazards due to kerosine use otherwise. Please visit us and see for yourself.

Details on www.helpchildrenofindia.org 

You can see us on face book too www.facebook.com/helpchildrenofindia  

 Please do not hesitate in asking for any questions or further information.  With regards and best wishes, thanks again for all your support,

Dr. B.K. Sharma,

Gwalior Childrens Charity and Snehalaya,

14, Magdalene Road, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA (U.K.) 

Our Snehalaya is located at 16 KM mile stone in Jhansi Road, Village Sikroda, Post Badori, Distt. Gwalior 475001 (M.P.) India. 



Our new school is open now in Snehalaya campus...

We are happy to inform you that from 21st to 23rd Aug. we celebrated annual function in Snehalaya. More than 200 children participated in various sports and cultural competitions on 21st and 22nd Aug. respectively. Click here to read more and see pictures.
"Another child abandoned at our gate, a new member of our family, Nandita" 
Just a few days ago, an eight year old girl with multiple disabilities was found standing alone outside the doors of Snehalaya. We are happy to announce that we have taken her in as a new member of our family and named her Nandita. We now have 63 children, with the dream of helping many more. Our aim remains to make every child independent giving them a life with love, happiness and dignity.
                                             These children remain some of the most vulnerable in the world, with nobody to care for them, no social services, NHS, medicaid or money for food and shelter, leave aside health and education and even parents mercilessly decide to abandon them. As part of our 'Sponsor a Child' programme, for £20 or equivalent in your currency, a month you can provide home, food, clothing, toys, health care and education for children like Nandita giving them a new life with opportunity to become independent.
Please consider helping Nandita through fundraising or donating whatever you are able to. Your continued help and support is much appreciated. Please get in touch with me for any questions or further information any time, just write to Gwalior.Hospital@care4free.net
best wishes,


PS. If you will like to purchase or sell paper tickets for the Great Big small charity car draw 2011 (to be drawn on 25th Oct.2011), helping us with fund raising for this cause, please ask me for the tickets, a booklet of ten tickets costs £20, each ticket costing £2. Alternatively you can purchase tickets and recommend to your friends for purchasing the tickets on line too, here is the link http://www.smallcharitycardraw.co.uk/tickets.php?id=gcc


Importantly here is a link for helping us in more ways without any costs for you. Use it as search engine, sell any unwanted items on e bay, send greeting cards by e mail etc. etc all can help by fund raising for us http://www.everyclick.com/gwaliorchildrenshospital

Children from our Snehalaya for International Special Floor Hocky Championship, Thanks to you- 

Snehalaya continues to grow as per plans. Our school building is almost complete and we hope that we shall be able to start the school in July from this year. Our ten children participated in floor hocky championship held at Shimla as part of team of Madhya Pradesh and won Silver medal. Six of these have been selected for special floor Hocky coaching being held at Agartala in April. We are sure that some of them will be selected to represent India in the International special Olympic Championship to bring Snehalaya's name in International Sports too. Many thanks to all of you to make it possible and bringing Snehalaya and all these works to this stage but needs are also increasing every day and are much more with increasing prices, inflation and costs. 

I request you to continue with your support with more vigour and time helping us to provide for these children making them independent. Please ask every one to increase contributions to meet these increasing requirements. We have 63 children to look after and more will be coming in.Please request every one known to you on our behalf to help us carry these works further by spreading our message as well contributing towards this cause as much they can. Evey little help is much appreciated. Please do not hesitate to ask me for any questions or further information if any, thanks again, with regards and best wishes,


The New Borewell in Snehalaya and more good news for our supporters- 


AS YOU KNOW alongwith ongoing facilities in Snehalaya, WE ARE PRESENTLY ADDING A SCHOOL TO OUR "SNEHALAYA COMPLEX". Thanks to our 81 supporters in Sept. through GlobalGiving and now we have a permanent place on their web site. Now tax payers in USA can safely donate for these works with tax benefits on  http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/snehalaya-meaning-the-home-with-love-in-hindi/   

A new borewell was succesfully drilled in Nov. and is providing water for the needs of Snehalaya and its children, an exciting experience for me too, for details and photographs visit the project on GlobalGiving.


We request your support again this Christmas to assist us carry on with the ongoing work, complete the school project as well to get solar power for the needs of Snehalaya, as hardly any electricity is available there. The School is – not only for "Snehalaya- the Home with Love" -- but with a capacity for 500 , the school will also be for children from the surrounding villages. The emphasis will be on girls (who will become self-reliant and confident!).  IN DECEMBER, YOUR DONATION IS AUTOMATICALLY DOUBLED, thanks to matching grant jointly by our trustees and Reeds Foundation!

Please visit http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org and click on donate button to donate through secure link on line or send your cheque made to "Gwalior Childrens Charity".
Thanks again, Merry Christmas and best wishes for The New Year,

21st Aug. to 23rd Aug. 201.......... Annual function to celebrate beginning of 5th year of Snehalaya was held successfully.

On 21st it started with annual sports competition among children with disabilities from all over M.P.158 Children participated.On 22nd Aug. Children with disabilities participated in various cultural events including dance, singing (solo and Group), rangoli, collage, painting competition etc. On 23rd Aug. hoisting of flags of all countries from where volunteers have come, tributes to Dr. Meena Sharma at the Samadhi remembering her on the sixth anniversary, annual cultural event with dance, music, entertainment, prize distribution etc.continued for whole day concluded with spectacular fireworks display in the evening. Thanks to our volunteers, supporters, our children and staff for making it succesful. Souvenir for 2010 is available with all the news and updates on our Souvenir page, BK

For details, photographs or questions, please write to- gwalior.hospital@care4free.net


Annual Get Together celebrated as volunteers day on 10th July 2010 in Walsall (U.K.)-

It was a success on all fronts, thanks to all our volunteers and supporters having joined us from all over the United Kingdom. Pupils of Madelaine Kelly's dancing school presented "Healing Waters", Marianne Ayling, Rebekah, Michael, Linden and many others entertained with songs, dances and music. Food was fabulous and I believe every one very much liked the food and enjoyed the evening full of fun, music and more as well for being there.

Our presentation started with a minute silence remembering Rev. John Bradley, our Patron, my friend and longest serving as well most senior volunteer who left us on 12th Aug. last year. We missed him very much on this occasion as he always stood with us on this day since beginning. Mrs. Margaret Roberts, John's sister joined us for receiving our rememberances and respects. Dr. Narinder Kapur, Mr. Alan Whybrew, Thomas Crews, Mr. John Ely, Dr. Neil Sikka, Madelaine Kelly, Maia Ayling, Dr. Shreedhar Vaidya, Devonshire Preparatory School, Vishwa Mohan Tiwari (Retd.AVM), Jenny Brett and Helen Perkins were honored as volunteers of the year in respective categories for their outstanding contributions during the year helping us in taking these works further. 


We are very much obliged of our all volunteers and supporters for helping us in bringing these works to this stage and continue to help us in taking these further. Please do join us for the    Annual function to celebrate beginning of 5th year of Snehalaya at Gwalior, M.P., India from 21st Aug. to 23rd Aug. 2010 starting with Annual sports competition on 21st Aug. 2010, among children with disabilities from all over M.P., various other events and activities contiue. On 23rd Aug. hoisting of flags of all countries from where volunteers have come, tributes to Dr. Meena Sharma at the Samadhi, remembering her on the sixth anniversary, annual cultural event with dance, music, entertainment, prize distribution etc.ends with spectacular fireworks display in the evening. All are welcome.



"Moorti Pratishtha" in The Goddess Durga and Navagraha temples though planned for 23rd and 24th March 2010 along with laying down of the foundation stone of RadhaKrishna temple in Snehalaya has been postponed for Nov. as advised by learned superiors because of............ don't know?  



Please join us for the Havan, Bhandara and Moorti Pratishtha ceremony in Snehalaya at Gwalior, India to be held in Nov.2010, details yet to be finalised. As told to me by Swami Shridhdhaanand, this Navagraha temple will be unique, where Anushthaan for individual "Graha Shanti" can be undertaken in respective temple of the Graha rather than doing it for all nine Grahas together. I am told that there is no temple in India or the World for such worship or Anushthaan so far, whereby individual Graha can be worshipped or Anushthaan be performed. I will be happy to know more or correct myself,



Annual celebration at Snehalaya on 23rd August sees launch of 2009 Souvenir and "light for education" to poor village children-




It's fast becoming a tradition at Snehalaya campus! 23rd Aug. was celebrated as "The Annual day" with our children, guests, many supporters and volunteers from India and overseas joining us for the occasion to mark the completion of three years of Snehalaya providing for disabled and destitute children of India. The first day's festivities included the launching of the 'Light for Education' programme(with support of Anna Sadana of USA). As electricity is hardly available in rural areas, this project involves poor school-going children being presented with a solar light for their use to facilitate their studies and work. The full colour Souvenir book for 2009 was also released to mark the occasion in the presence of Prof.Dr.PS Bisen, chief Guest, Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, Retd. Air Vice Marshal and Mr. Michael Binnie from Curch of Ockham in UK. The souvenir with all the pictures and updated information is available in PDF form here as a special download (you will need to have an Adobe "Acrobat" reader or equivalent to read PDF files on your computer). It coincided with Ganesh Chaturthee festivities continuing for eleven days.


"Annual Sports Day" was held on 24th Aug. when nearly 250 children with various disabilities from Gwalior and Chambal region participated in various sports. Prize distribution was done by Mr. Mishra, GM of Godrej and AVM (Retd) Tiwari followed by Ganesh Puja and Prasad with  for all the participants, attendees and guests.

The work is going on smoothly. Now we have 63 children in Snehalaya. We do provide respite care facilities for the children rescued by Childline of Gwalior as well to the needy parents as required. The construction of school work is progressing satisfactorily targeted to complete by June 2010. All this has been possible with your support but much more remains to be done. Please consider and donate your thought, time, talent, cash and kind (gifts, movable or immovable property), kindness and care as much possible. Please contact us for any questions or further details, Many thanks, 



Volunteers day celebrated in Edinburgh on 27th June 09


We are happy to say that volunteers’ day and award ceremony was held on 27th June 07 in Edinburgh starting at 6.00 PM attended by about 65 volunteers and supporters from all over UK and also from france in presence of Mr. Srinivasan, Consul General of India for Scotland, our Patron Rev. John Bradley and many dignitories from Edingurgh, Scotland as organised by our outgoing Chairman Mr. Charles Drace-Francis, CMG. It turned out to be success on all fronts with tasty food, music, bollywood dances, Puppet show for special entertainment and successful fund raising. We could not hope for better.

The programme started with welcome by Andy Hunter through his pupette continuing into a beautiful pupette show lasting for about half an hour, this was the best pupette show that I had seen so far. Many thanks to Andy Hunter and his team. Tasty food was next on the plates followed by Bollywood dances by Indo Scottish Cultural Association. We thank Mr. and Mrs. Dhall with Shabina and group for presenting dances to the Bollywood rhythms and lovely music throughout the evening. We are obliged for Charles and Bonny with friends and family for organising it so well. For more photographs, visit our photo-gallery on www.box.net (contact us for password if interested)




We congratulate Euan Naismith, Alina Serafin, Rohan Sikka, Lara Serafin, Rev. John Bradley, Robin Prentice, Georgia Gore-Langton, Sabastien Rabas, Peter Morey-Weale, Lee Rollo and Fiona Inglish, who received the honours as volunteers of the year in different categories honoured for their outstanding work helping GCHC this year for achieving its goals. We observed a silence for 30 seconds for three of our volunteers Mr. James Thomas (USA), Dr. RK Srivastava (India) and Mr, David Baker (Bristol, UK), who left for abode and are no more with us, honouring and remembering them posthumous (RIP). There are many more, who have been helping us but it is not possible to name and honour everyone, however we remain obliged for their support without which we could not have come this far.


Dr. Michael Manarkattu took the Mini by bidding £1100 for it in the auction as going on since last year. The lottery draw was held on 28th June (as it could not be held within the Cathedral on 27th evening). First prize of £500 has been won by Beryl Kilik, second prize of £250 by Fran Mariott, third prize of £100 by Eileen Whybrew, two fourth prizes each of £50 have been won by Ms. Bhawna Tiwari and B. Egau. Five fifth prizes of £10 each were won by A.Robinson, Shobha Kriplani, BK, Ms. J. Merritt and Muzzy. We congratulate all the winners and will like to thank all the participants to make it a success wishing the best of luck for next year. We are contacting all winners but we have no address or phone numbers for Beryl and Muzzy. We are obliged to Eileen, Bhawna, Shobha and BK having donated their winnings to GCHC for the children in Snehalaya. Please let the winners as well us know (if you recognise any of the winners) or if they can contact us to collect their winnings, though we are writting/contacting every one too. 

We are obliged to all our volunteers and supporters, who travelled from far off places for making it a memorable day in our calendar. We very much remain thankful to all our volunteers and supporters for their contributions, donations, hard work and efforts helping us in this endeavour but could not join us.

We are pleased to inform that it has been a successful memorable day raising £4058.00 Pound Sterling with this event, which will go to provide for the children in Snehalaya.

I am extremely happy to inform that we have agreed to accept six more children as per our last mail and they will be joining us in Snehalaya soon, thanks to your support to make it possible. We will also like to inform that we have raised £61000.00 towards new School project and we have pledge of further £25000 by matching grant by Dr. Meena Sharma Memorial foundation. The construction of the school has started with target for its completion by June 2010. We are sure to raise further to meet the project costs of £125K ($250K) with continued support from all of you to help us complete this School and help us to take these works forward with donations, by fund raising, by sponsoring children in Snehalaya, by volunteering with your time and expertise and by publicising the needs of GCHC and its work (details on http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org.uk) we welcome every little help and same is much appreciated. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life including students and trainees to do their internship or work experience. Thanks again, with regards,




Holi and Women’s day celebrated in Snehalaya-



Holi, the festival of colours, one of the biggest festivals in India, was celebrated in Snehalaya on 11th March 09.

Children and our volunteers enjoyed playing with colours and the music dancing in the lawns in Snehalaya. It was so joyful and fun that there are no words to describe it.




7th March was celebrated in Snehalaya as women’s day with many dignitaries of Gwalior having joined us. Our volunteers, teachers and children presented cultural programme with dances and music. Every one had a great day with feast and fun, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Nigotia, the President of JCI, as it happened to be their marriage anniversary. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Nigotia and hope they have many more anniversaries like this. They joined us with their friends and family members sponsoring and joining for the lunch with our children.  


Annual Get Together on 27th June 09, The saturday in Edinburgh, Scotland-

Please join us, details on events page. Also the raffle is on for year 2009.


Documentary by volunteers of Gwalior Childrens hospital Charity on youtube-

Sebastien Rabas has placed the documentary film made by few volunteers in early 2006 depicting the conditions in Mercy Home, the Govt. run Orphanage in Gwalior, the reason we decided to build our own 'Snehalaya- the home with love". Since then all surviving children have been shifted to Snehalaya. We plan to make Snehalaya a facility for 200 children with a hospital and School on site in few years time and we are sure that we can do so with your support as we had all the time, without which we could not come so far. Details on www.helpchildrenofindia.org.uk and if you will like to see the film, here is the link http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=N0mX0wtnuNs&feature=channel_page



26th Jan. Celebrated in snehalaya- 

60th Republic Day of India was celebrated in Snehalaya on 26th Jan. in presence of guests, volunteers and our residents there. Various cultural activities and patriotic songs were played on the day. Fionna Inglis distributed hand knitted blankets to all the children as knitted by Fiona and her friends participating in Sewathlon, the fund raising event held in Edinburgh, Scotland on 1st Dec. 08.


Now we have an identity in Isle of Man too


I will like to inform you that GCHC is registered in Isle of Man for its benefits among local people there by Alan whybrew, our dedicated volunteer, supporter, advisor and representative there for long and here is what he says- ManASVI (Mann Aid and Support for Village India)is Isle of Man registered charity number 1023. There are over a thousand Manx registered charities! There will be certain tax advantages for me and other tax payers in Isle of Man, such as tax relief on charity donations of under £100 and tax relief upon travel costs to India. The purpose of ManASVI is to make people on the Island aware of the needs of the poor in the Gwalior region, especially the villages. A Manx registered charity will give a more direct connection between the Island and Gwalior’s villages. I believe this may be the key to creating more of an interest on the Island. It seems to work for other Manx charities. The Inland Revenue cannot give automatic tax relief (Gift Aid) to UK residents who make donations to a Manx registered charity and hence I shall not ask UK residents to donate to ManASVI, but continue GCHC only to them for their donations with available tax benefits”.


Here is the recent news and update with our best wishes for Christmas and New Year, From BK for GCHC and Snehalaya







We are very happy to say that Devonshire House School in London has accepted Gwalior Childrens Hospital as 'charity of the year' and has agreed to raise money for “Snehalaya” for the next two years. It is really a good news story in these difficult days. We are much obliged of Neil and Nicola, our long time supporters to have convinced the school authorities for sponsoring GCHC and Snehalaya. Neil and Nicola's children study in this school. Neil gave a talk to the school children informing them about GCHC, Snehalaya and its work. The school aims to raise 10000 pounds Sterling or even more to cater for all the requirements of all the children in Snehalaya for a year at least.

To begin their fund raising for Snehalaya, the children did Carol Singing and it was a good start raising 350 Pounds. We are much obliged of the children, all the staff and parents for their support to provide for the children of Snehalaya- our home with love. Thanks to every one.


Annual Function in Snehalaya - 23rd and 24th Aug.08


We are very happy to inform all our colleagues, volunteers, supporters and well wishers that Annual function was held in Snehalaya successfully with release of Souvenir for year 2008, laying down of the foundation stone for the new school building at the hands of our chief guest Mr. N.K. Tripathi,IPS (Transpor Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh)in presence of famous Kavi Kulwant Singh from Mumbai and many supporters, volunteers and local dignitories. Five more cottages have been opened to accommodate forty more children in Snehalaya making its capacity for 80 children.

11 girls from Mercy Home are being shifted to Snehalaya with total number of children in Snehalaya as 57 now. The Souvenir will be available on this website very soon through our Souvenir shop page, free to view and download.

Cultural programme happened to be a big attraction, where our children presented dances, skits and music entertaining all the attendees. Fashion show was specially liked by every one, where many of our children, staff members and volunteers participated making it succesful. Some pictures are given here, more are available on www.box.net

Next day on 24th Aug., annual sports competition was held for all the children with disabilities in this region. Nearly 200 children participated in various events followed by prize distribution. The function concluded with Kavi Sammelan whereby Kavi Kulwant Singh and Dr. S.D. Sharma entertained all the attendees and I do not think any one was there who did not enjoy or laugh.

During these two days people from surrounding villages joined in addition for The Akhand Ramayan and Keertan with A Bhandara Lunch for every one.

We are very much obliged for your support, without which this could have not been possible, but we need more to carry it forward. Now we have 57 children in Snehalaya with aims to make it a facility for 200 children with a school and hospital on site to provide for the residents here as well for the people from surrounding villages. We request you to kindly consider sponsoring a child in Snehalaya, details with hphotographs are available on sponsor a child page on http://www.gwalior.hospital.care4free.net

We hope to make the new school functional from June 09 with beginning of school session and will cater for girls who remain uneducated otherwise undergoing oppression all their lives. With education and vocational training, we aim to make them independent to be able to lead a life with dignity.

We welcome expert volunteers, students and trainees from all walks of life to work with us to train our staff and students as well provide their services to the community and or gain work experience as per their convenience for any duration in the field and area they are interested in. We appreciate any help from any source to achieve these goals and help us take these works forward. Donations can be sent by cheque made to "Gwalior Childrens Hospital Charity" or you can donate now while on line using your credit/debit or CAF cards through our secure on line donation link on www.gwalior.hospital.care4free.net/donation.html

Please write to us for any questions or further details or if you may want to help us in any way. Please pass on our message to every one on your address list. Thanks again, with regards and best wishes,



For GwaliorChildrensHospital Charity (Regd. Charity No. 1063694), Snehalaya Trust & GHECT (India),

14,Magdalene Road, Walsall, West Midlands. WS1 3TA(U.K.)

Tel. +44(0)1922 629842 Fax. 01922 632942 Mobile. 00919425113822

Email: Gwalior.Hospital@care4free.net

Address in India-

"Akanksha", Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus,

Opposite Jhansi Road Police Station,

Gwalior- 474 009 (M.P.), India

Tel. 0091 751 2435537 Mobile. 0091 9425113822


Independence day and Raksha Bandhan in Snehalaya


15th Aug was celebrated in Snehalaya as India's independence day with flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem followed by a cultural programme by all children and staff members of Snehalaya.

In continuity, 16th Aug. happened to be Raksha Bandhan which was celebrated in an innovative manner. All children tied Rakhi around trees taking vows to protect environment and pollution. Big FM of Gwalior joined us on this occasion for these celebrations too and their artists and other colleagues entrtained our children with their performances as well tasty cake, fruits and toffies.


Volunteers day, 21st June 08, a memorable evening


We are happy to say that volunteers’ day and award ceremony with raffle and lottery draw was held on 21st June 07 in London starting at 6.30 PM attended by about 70 volunteers and supporters from all over UK. It turned out to be success on all fronts with tasty food, music, dance, entertainment and successful fund raising. We could not hope for better.

The programme started with welcome by Veena followed by drinks, food, music and entertainment. We thank Preritha and Anupriya for presenting dance to the Bollywood rhythms to begin the programme as well DJ with lovely music throughout the evening. We are obliged for Veena and Anantha with friends and family for organising it so well. For beautiful photographs, thanks to Karam Jit, click this album here http://www.kodakgallery.co.uk/I.jsp?c=1kzev9bah.28i9c7pex&x=0&y=-q83vkd and more in our photograph gallery on www.box.net contact us for password if interested.

We congratulate Seniz Fareida Ibrahim, Lara Sikka, Peggy Halloran and Zora Casttling, who received the honour as fundraiser, youngest, senior most and event organiser volunteer of the year respectively. Richard Worral, Ex- Mayor of walsall, won the award for innovative fund raising and publicising the GCHC by doing the tour by bus travelling for more than 1000 miles all over England within ten days. Robert Pugin, Gillian Ely, Olivia Hunt, Linda Nevin-Drummond, Olivia Hoare, Fiona Inglis and Katherine Begbie from Australia are other volunteers honoured for their outstanding work helping GCHC this year for achieving its goals. There are many more, who have been helping us but it is not possible to name and honour every one, however we remain obliged for their support without which we could not have come this far.

Mrs. Shashi Desikan from London won the Mini in the raffle draw but donated the mini to the charity for £500 in lieu. It has been decided to place the Mini for auction to add to the funds as required for the School in Snehalaya, a target to complete for this year. First prize of £250 was won by M. Holcombe, second prize of £100 by Nicola Mcfadden, two third prizes of £50 each have been won by Mrs. H. Hockley and R. Chew. Five fourth prizes of £10 each were won by G.Duxbury, Derren Nathan, Majic, Andrew B and Mrs. M. Gash. We congratulate all the winners and will like to thank all the participants to make it a success wishing the best of luck for next year.

We are obliged to all our volunteers and supporters, who travelled from far off places for making it a memorable day in our calendar. We very much remain thankful to all our volunteers and supporters for their contributions, donations, hard work and efforts helping us in this endeavour but could not join us.

We are pleased to inform that it has been a successful memorable day raising £5342.00 Pound Sterling with this event, which will go to start the school with vocational training facilities for the girls from villages surrounding Snehalaya, who remain uneducated otherwise helping them to become independent and lead a life with dignity rather than being opressed all their lives as happens now. The plans are in place, construction is being started to complete as a target for this year. We are sure that we should be able to start this school for the beginning of the session in year 2009 as planned. We have raised £48700.00 towards this new School project so far, and we still need to raise further to meet the project costs of £125K ($250K). We are sure for continued support from all of you to help us complete this School and help us to take these works forward with donations, by fund raising and by publicising the needs of GCHC and its work details on our website http://www.helpchildrenofindia.org.uk Thanks again, with regards,




VISITORS In SNEHALAYA and their opinion


It is a proud moment for me and our team to mention opinion of two dignitories following their visit to Snehalaya as given below-


Words of Director, National Trust for children with disabilities in India following his visit of Snehalaya on 3rd May, 08


"Quite innovative project different from normal work in India. It is a learning experience to visit this place", these are the words of Mr. Rajneesh Sharma, Director, for Snehalaya, who must have seen so many other organisations in India and abroad. We are proud of our team to bring such an accolade for Snehalaya from a such an skilled, qualified and experienced person in this field, BK


Letter from Dr. Subhas Saxena of Ireland for Snehalaya



Dear Dr. Sharma,

I came back to Ireland on 21st April and below I am giving you my impressions about Gwalior project-

Snehalaya - I am yet to see so well managed home for special needs children in India. In a way I was proud as an Indian to see that we too can manage such specialised and difficult ventures so skilfully. It obviously is your vision and selection of staff of that calibre. You deserve the credit of putting such humanitarian ideas into practice. The other aspect of this centre which hugely impressed me , was the work force of dedicated young boys and girls . These young persons are showing not only the will to serve the most vulnerable section of society, they are giving people of our age a hope for the future of our country.

Rural Hospital - It is again a great idea not only to treat the people through mobile clinics, more impressive work of this unit was the doing difficult task of health education of people in the country side. With best wishes and regards, Subhas


International conference on HIV/AIDS


We proudly anounce that we are participating as a hub in Central India to make available the live proceedings of this conference being held from 3rd Aug. to 8th Aug. through our ICTC at Gwalior. The attendees will be able to join and participate in the discussion through our video conferencing facilities. All are welcome. Most sessions will be available in English and Spanish. As we are aware that those might not be your main language, we are putting in place interpretation services: some sessions will be interpreted into the most asked for languages.

We shall arrange for interpretation in Hindi locally for local people. Contact 0091 751 2435537 for details or write to gwalior.hospital@care4free.net


18th May 08- International Aids candle Light Day


We organised a get together of children, HIV positive people and other citizens of Gwalior including members of press and media, on the day in our ICTC lighting the candles and holding one minute silence in the memory of victims of HIV/AIDS. Thereafter a discussion was held aiming to create awareness For HIV/AIDS including its preventive aspects and available support through our help line and ICTC in Gwalior, Chambal region. The event was well covered by all the news papers and TV informing whole of general public of Gwalior and Chambal region.


Holi celebrations in Snehalaya


We are happy to say that Holi was celebrated in Snehalaya campus and every one including volunteers and children enjoyed the day with feast, colours and entrtainment. Our hydrotherapy tank/waterfall tank became the large pot of coloured water, where every one enjoyed playing with coloured water as well had a dip in it. Here are some photographs. However in UK it turned out to be a white easter, coincidently falling on same day, with snow all over, something new for this time of the year here.


Opening of help line and ICTC on 1st Dec. 07, the World Aids day


The World Aids day was celebrated on 1st Dec. in Gwalior Childrens Hospital Campus with opening of help line available 24 hours a day , Integrated Counselling and Treatment Centre (ICTC) with video conference facilities and launching of Gwalior network of positive people led and organised by Mr. Snehansu Bhaduri, our volunteer incharge for HIV/AIDS cell. Magdalene from Chennai, Nili from Calcutta, Eric from New York joined us on the occasion through video conferencing while Dr. Chaturvedi from California in USA, Sarah and Daniel from England and Emma from Scotland were present in Gwalior along with many local dignitories, positive people, students and local community including local media and TV channels. BK happily added that this was a new service being added by Gwalior Childrens hospital Charity to benefit the local community whereby they can avail counselling, consultations and advise for treatment related to any health issues or medical problems from our volunteer experts from any where in India or abroad. We have about 450 experts belonging to various disciplines available by appointment through video conference facilities all 24 hours a day. Most of our experts belong to United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and from various places in India. Now people of Gwalior can avail services by experts from any where in the World sitting in their own town through this service provided by GCHC, perhaps first in India. In fact any one can avail these services from any where in India or abroad sitting from their own place, if they have computer with web cam and internet service. We have more than 450 experts from India and abroad belonging to various disciplines to provide their time and expertise using skype programme including my self for this service.Various issues related to HIV and AIDS for its awareness, to remove stigma and discrimination were discussed by these experts through video conference facilities.

On this occasion a medical camp was organised attended by nearly 200 people. Free counselling and consultations were provided and blood group and HIV tests were carried out for those who wanted these voluntarily free of any costs.



Lara runs a charity shop to raise funds for GCHC


6 years old Lara from Devonshire house school in hampstead, London arranged for jumble sale of various things to raise funds for Gwalior Childrens hospital Charity to provide for poor and underprivileged children in india. She successfully raised £150.00. Congratulations to Lara for successful fund raising, such considerations and thoughts at such an young age and to her parents too to instill such views. Lara has also recommended to her school committee to adopt GCHC for schools's preferred charity for next year. We are happy to anounce that Lara stands nominated for being the youngest fund raiser of the year for this year and will be honoured on volunteers day in year 2008. We wish we had many more similar fund raisers to help us carry this work forward. With best wishes, BK


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